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Band Parent Information Night

Tuesday, September 19th at 6:30 PM

(All schools meet at John Brown Elementary in the GYM for the parent night)


Want information about 6th Grade Band?

Have questions?

Talk to Mrs. Hutson and representatives from the two local music stores in CDA:  Burt's Music and Northwest Academy of Music.

*Not required to join band, but an easy way to talk to all three of us in the same place.

Lindsay Hutson





6th Grade Band Field Trip and Concert

Wednesday, May 30th

Lakeland Junior High Gym

Field Trip:  9:15 - 11:50 AM LJHS GYM

Concert: 6:30 -7:30 PM LJHS GYM

This year has been flying by!  I’m so impressed by my students’ hard work to get ready for our concert on Wednesday, May 30th at 6:30 PM at Lakeland Junior High in the Gym.  That morning students will be traveling to LJHS to practice with my other three 6th grade bands.  They will leave their school at 9:15 AM and will return around 11:50 AM. They only need to bring their instrument, music, and band book.  They may bring a water bottle too, because we will be playing for about 2 hours and they will be thirsty. No snacks please. They will return to their school before lunch.  Let me know if you are interested in chaperoning. I will be waiting at LJHS for them to arrive. We will also get to see my choir and 7th grade band perform as well.

I have such an outstanding sixth grade group this year, I really hope that they all continue with band.  I teach junior high bands and choir at LJHS. If your child goes to TLJHS next year, they will have Mr. Gambrino (awesome music teacher) and he will be happy to have them.  Students will be traveling to their junior high and picking their elective soon. I know students are excited and a little scared about junior high. Students get one elective period during the day at LJHS.  If students pick band or choir, that is their only elective. I know some would like to try other electives and this is a hard decision. If your child doesn’t sign up for 7th grade band, I would love to have them in choir.  Choir members who know a little about reading music are more successful. When I tell someone I teach band, they often say, “I wish I had stuck with it.” I’ve had students try to join later, but it’s harder. Band class is every day, so students who take time off fall behind pretty quickly.  I’m amazed at how much my 6th graders have learned, but I am even more blown away by how much my 7th graders have learned! If you have any questions about seventh grade band or choir please contact me. Keep in mind that your child may change their mind a few times. The practice, seeing the junior high groups perform, and our concert might change their mind.  Their schedule can often be changed if you contact the school.

The concert is in the  LJHS Gym at 6:30 PM. My four Sixth Grade Bands (BKE, GWE, JBE, and TLE) will perform together.  Students should arrive at 6:10 PM. They should get a drink, use the bathroom, leave extra belongings with you, get their instrument and music out, and sit down to warm up together.  Please remind your child to be on their best behavior. Sometimes pre-concert jitters can override calm behaviors. Students should wear a nice outfit.  It does not have to be something brand new. Just something that is nicer than their normal school outfit. (No holes or stains, please. Let me know if you need help.)  Students will be sitting, facing the audience, so dresses or skirts should cover knees when sitting or be worn over leggings or shorts. Please remember attendance at the concert is most of the Fourth Quarter Band Grade.  Please let me know ASAP if your child cannot attend the concert. (Students are always excused for family events, emergencies, sickness, and religious reasons. Students are not excused for “I forgot,” games, practices, meetings, etc.  I will tell you what they need to do make up the missing points.) Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting your child’s musical education. We are very excited to show off our accomplishments!

Please fill out this google form permissions slip:


Or you may send a note to school or email this to me if that is easier:


My Child, _____________________, has permission to ride the bus to Lakeland Junior High on Wednesday, May 30th to practice with the other sixth graders for the concert that night.


My child should be able to be at the concert that night (unless they are sick or an emergency comes up.)  ___ Yes or ___ No


If you answered “No” above, please explain.  I will contact you with a make up assignment if it is an excusable absence.



I would be interested in being a chaperon:  ___ Yes or ___ No


Parent Email Address:  _________________________   Best Phone Number to reach you during the practice:  ______________

Parent Signature:  _________________________________________________________________   Date: ___________________


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